Fujinon verrekijker TS 12×32 met beeld stabilisatie

Compared to the Techno-Stabi 14×40, the Techno-Stabi 12×32 has a reduced stabilisation angle of 3° and a smaller objective lens diameter. This means that when used on-board, it does not quite come up to the performance of the TS 14×40.

The advantages of the the TS12x32 are in the lower weight, the improved ergonomics and of course also in the lower price. If you are looking for a stabilised binocular especially for use on board the TS 14×40 would have to be preferred.

On the other hand, when you are planning to use the binocular also for observation on land, then the TS 12×32 would even have advantages over the TS 14×40. What to recommend in this case very much depends on how and where you intend to use the binocular.


  • Magnification: 12x
  • Lens diameter (mm): 32
  • Eye relief (mm): 15
  • Angle of view: 5°
  • Field of view at 1,000 m (m): 87
  • Exit pupil (mm): 2,66
  • Relative brightness: 7,1
  • Interpupillary distance (mm): 53-74
  • Length (mm): 177
  • Max. width (mm): 141
  • Weigth (kg): 1,07
  • Rubber coated: partly
  • Carrying strap: yes
  • Carrying case: yes

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